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Isabelle Minneci

Human Resources DirectorL'Oréal UK & Ireland

Isabelle Minneci, the French-born HR Director at cosmetics giant L'Oréal UK, joined the brand over 18 years ago. Despite no formal background in HR, Isabelle has experienced a wealth of responsibilities across the UK and France; from recruitment and learning through to HR Business Partner roles.
Here, with Heather Jackson, Isabelle enthusiastically describes her own visionary HR style and the unique culture of performance at the company; she explains why innovation, science and technology is at the heart of the business; and why she’s proud of the creation of L'Oréal’s For Women in Science programme, recognising the achievements and contributions of exceptional and promising female scientists from across the globe.

Official Biography

Isabelle Minneci is a Human Resources Director experienced in managing change and developing talents.
She was appointed Human Resources Director, UK & Ireland in October 2010 and is responsible for the Human Resources strategy of the subsidiary and its implementation.  L’Oréal employs over 3,700 people across UK & Ireland in different sites and locations.
Isabelle joined L’Oréal 17 years ago where she undertook different assignments across UK and France from recruitment and learning through to HR Business Partner roles.
She is French, graduated from HEC Paris Business School; she has also followed a certified coaching training programme at International Mozaik in France.