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Lorraine Clinton

Non Executive DirectorPortfolio Career

Lorraine is a dynamic and passionate, multi-industry NED and previously spent 20 years at global construction and manufacturing giant Pilkington; the youngest - and first - female appointment to the company’s international management team.
Now pursuing an impressive portfolio career, Lorraine talks to Heather Jackson with great honesty and integrity about her top four executive skills and how she applies them; how her breadth of network and experience enables her to do what she does now; and the importance of work-life balance and how as a family they “muddle” through as a “team.”

Official Biography

Lorraine is an experienced Non-Executive Director. She previously enjoyed a FTSE 100, highly successful, twice national award- winning, global executive career in manufacturing and construction.

Today she operates a portfolio of multi-industry non-executive positions, premised on her key personal interest areas of strategy, change management, operational excellence and stakeholder engagement. She currently operates across a diverse spectrum of roles from a small service company to the MoD and building products to health.

She is a frequent contributor and speaker on topics pertaining to governance, diversity in the boardroom and the role of the non-executive director.